Dog Grooming Services

Woody’s mobile dog grooming services is Oxfordshire’s premier dog groomer. That comes to you to pamper your furry friends. 

Mobile Dog Grooming Services

Woodys offer a range of dog grooming services and standalone services. These are all bookable and we turn up at your home or office to look after your fury friends.

Dog grooming services

Full Groom

● Bath ● Blueberry facial ● Full dry using towels and dryers ● Styling and a facial ● Ear cleaning ● Pawdicure (nails and pads)

See conditions & prices below
Dog grooming services

Mini Groom

(bath, brush and blow dry)• Facial • Ear cleaning • Pedipaw

See conditions & prices below
Matts and de-matting


• Pawdicure – nail clipping, filing and attention to pads • Ultrasonic teeth cleaning and oral hygiene programme

See conditions & prices below

Prices vary many factors influence the final cost of a groom – size (and weight) of your dog, the ‘type’ and condition of the coat, the length of time since your dog’s last professional groom, your dog’s temperament and whether he/she is used to professional grooming.. We do not base our prices on particular types or breeds of dog. Our pricing structure is based on how long it will take to groom each individual dog and how much product it will require to complete the groom.

Woodys Dog Grooming requires a deposit payment for all appointments and 48 hours notice for any cancellations.


Woodys Dog Grooming reserves the right to refuse to groom any dog. This decision will only be taken under extreme circumstances, for example if your dog has bad behaviour or is so unsettled its causing your dog to have a traumatic experience. We will always try to accommodate owner requests but the health and wellbeing of the groomer and of course the dog is our first priority.

By the time they are 2 years old, 80% of dogs will show some signs of oral disease (gingivitis/periodontitis)

  • Oral disease can severely affect your dog’s health particularly with regard to disease of the heart valves and kidney disease You can help prevent future problems by considering a ultrasonic oral health treatments (please ask us for details)

Benifits of Grooming your dog

De-shedding treatments for heavy shedders – Is your furry friend leaving hair all over your house? The shampoo, conditioning treatment and use of special tools to remove loose undercoat allows the skin to breath and can reduce the amount of dog hair that’s left around your home.


Oral Hygiene

Woody’s also offer Oral hygiene along with mobile dog grooming. Keeping your dog’s teeth in tip-top condition. To find out more about how Oral hygiene can benefit your dogs health.


Dog grooming services